At Custom Comfort Holsters, we specialize in kydex holsters that are designed for women. The holsters have been tried and tested by women and men. They are made using the taco method, which means one piece of kydex is used and folded over the firearm instead of having 2 pieces pressed on top of each other.

Our holsters unique designs and options have made it possible for many people, men and women of every age possible on body carry. They have solved many personal concealed carry problems from, not being able to on-body carry because no no holsters were small enough to be able to conceal, To not being able to find a holster that an older arthritic person could draw from without a lot of pain.

Our products are highly endorsed by Kaery Concealed. Kaery Concealed is a firearms instruction business that is operated by women, for women. They empower families to defend themselves. They also specalize in helping women find the best way to conceal carry comfortably.



Holsters can be a challenge.  There is never to correct holster or firearm for every situation.  At Custom Comfort Holsters we have worked to bring a solution to the challenge of concealed carry.  Our holsters have been field tested and we are continually working to bring you the best products for concealed carry.

Firearms are inherently dangerous and we strongly recommend training for carrying a concealed firearm.  It has been interesting to find that men and women carry firearms differently, and that appendix carry can be a comfortable and efficient way to carry.   It has been said that thousands of criminals can not be wrong about appendix carry.  Self defense is a very personal endeavor and there is no correct way.  Trying out different methods of concealed carry can be a great way to learn your best way to carry.